Bacon cheese burger

Bobcat Bite

Bobcat Bite is an iconic restaurant located in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Old Las Vegas Highway, a mile or so from the historic Old Santa Fe Trail, and only nine miles from the Santa Fe Plaza. The Bobcat Bite building was originally a trading post, and the 98 acres surrounding the restaurant were part of a working quarter horse ranch. Three other houses remain on the acreage along with the recently renovated and reimagined restaurant building, situated in the picturesque foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

The name Bobcat Bite refers to accounts of bobcats coming down from the nearby hills to visit "bobcat friendly" diners who would serve the animals fresh scraps on a boulder that had a natural bowl shape in it.

shop exterior

The original owners of Bobcat Bite were Rene Clayton and her daughter Mitzi Clayton/Panzer, who converted the building into a restaurant in 1953. They specialized in steaks, chops, and won many awards for their green chile cheeseburger.

Jimmy and Jennifer Day are the second owners in Bobcat Bites' almost 70-year history, purchasing the building a few days after Mitzi Panzer's son listed the property for sale in 2017. Included in the sale were the restaurant, three buildings, and the Bobcat Bite trademark. The building and the business had been vacated by the last management team in 2013. The Days have invested significantly to reinvigorate the Bobcat Bite restaurant, expanding the building, adding an additional dining room, a spacious patio with spectacular views of the mountains and a convenient walk-up take-out window. In addition to preserving the trademarked name, the Days were able to keep the original main dining room with the low-viga ceiling, and the long counter made of pine logs. The well-seasoned grill, that made its way to Santa Fe from Chicago on the luggage rack of an old Packard, has also been refurbished and remains part of Bobcat Bite's legacy.